Quite an important indicator of success with anything really.

Is progress being made?

This certainly applies to anyone who has certain health and fitness aspirations.

Fat loss is the big one and the majority of people I speak to or work with have a desire to lose weight/drop body fat and be “fitter”.

First port of call for many will be to join the gym, go running or start going to classes for example.

My advice would be to pick something that you enjoy and can see yourself sticking with.

Gives you more a chance of succeeding I believe.

Progress is already being made

Now comes the most important part

You have decided to get up and do something about the current situation

You become consistent at hitting the gym three days per week for example.

Or you go out a run four days per week.

All of a sudden you are exercising regularly

Is progress being made however?

Can you see and feel a change ?

Not to get hung up on the scales but are they going in the right direction?

Have you been training effectively?

Are you confident in what you are doing?

Putting in maximum effort?

Have you addressed your habits and relationship with food?

Are you hitting calorie targets or even know where to start?

Are you drinking enough water?

Getting enough sleep?

Properly being accountable to your goals?

If YES then great and carry on doing what you are doing

If after weeks and months the answer is NO then something isn’t right and this is where you may think about giving up.


Your goal is important to you, that is why you started

Do some research which could help you

Speak to a friend or colleague to help you

Or seek advice from a PT/coach who can guide you and empower you to learn how to start making that progress you crave!!!!