The fundamentals of fat loss are relatively simple. Consistently burn more calories than you consume over a sustained
period of time, which may differ for individuals. However, adhering to this is where most people struggle. Essentially, if you are carrying more fat/weight than you are
happy with then this is a bi product of lifestyle choices being made in relation to diet. Everyone has a diet, it is just that
some are worse than others and can cause weight gain and even worse health issues.
To address this you need to start thinking of your current routine, lifestyle and environment around you and start to
question them:

  • What is it I am/am not doing with what I eat and drink?
  • How much do I move each day?
  • How regularly do I exercise and how much effort do I really put in?

These are just some basic questions but should help you to start to establish things that you many need to address and
change. Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes.

With food intake it is imperative that you learn to track what you are putting into your body. Learn to read food labels,
use tracking apps such as my fitness pal and record how many calories you are consuming every day. Not just for a few
days in the week, EVERY day. For me this is a must to start with if you are serious about dropping some body fat.
We can set calorie targets together for fat loss but they will not be achieved if you aren’t aware of what you are eating.
Portion size and control can make a huge difference here too as sometimes just guessing at the amount of something
(say a handful of nuts) can possibly contribute to extra calories consumed without even knowing!
Point to note which a lot of people forget or don’t want to track is that alcohol can be highly calorific. We need to be
aware of this also as it can make such a difference. This is not about giving up something you may enjoy but more about
realising it counts and be smart about it.

We also need to make sure we are sufficiently hydrated and drinking plenty of water each day is important not only for
general health and bodily functions but in supporting a fat loss goal.

NEAT – non exercise activity thermogenisis. This is the activity/movements you do each day outside of any planned
exercise which play a huge role in supporting a calorie deficit. By simply moving more, we burn more calories. You
will have heard about getting 10, 000 steps done each day which would be ideal but this can be difficult depending on
various factors. However, by just thinking about how you could move more (stairs instead of lift, walk instead of taking
car) and executing this, over a period of time you can burn more calories by just going about your daily life.
Planned exercise generally is the part most people find the easiest, particularly if they employ a coach to help them.
Even though training sessions may be tough, by being held accountable and motivated you will generally execute this
part of the plan. Just always make sure maximum effort is given regardless of the circumstance and accept that
performance at times can varied due to other factors like lack of sleep, stress from work etc. This is fine and life
happens, just give it what you have every time you hit the gym floor.

The environment you live, work and socialise in also plays a major role in influencing your choices and behaviours.
There are so many variables to this but something to think about, is are your loved ones, friends, colleagues aware of
your goals and how supportive or undermining are they? Have a think about what could be good or bad about your
overall environment and start to make changes if necessary.

REMEMBER, many people want to or need to lose fat for various reasons. We can train all the hours in the gym but
unless we address the calorie balance, move a bit more and adapt behaviours to suit then achieving your overall goal
may become very difficult. All this can take time and I would always stress not to sacrifice how you feel for how you
want to look. Sustainable and enjoyable is what we want, making small gradual changes as we go along.