Getting fitter and healthier in whatever way that means to you is a good goal to aim at.

People will want this for many different reasons which are important to them. Or at least it should be and not just because “that’s what everyone says I should do “.

Let’s look at weight loss and wanting to look and feel better.

Look to solve the problems early. Before things get out of hand.

You keep checking the scales every week. All of a sudden, months later, the pounds have piled on and those jeans don’t fit you anymore. You feel shit

Stepping on the scales and taking no action has become an unsuccessful pattern.

Take action early and the problem becomes a lot easier to fix

If you don’t know where to start the reach out for help and don’t be scared to do this.

Hire a PT/Coach to support and guide you

Once that first step has been accomplished get to work on that journey, on that goal you have in mind.

The key to the success isn’t about being fixated on what you will look like in 12 weeks or how you will feel in 12 weeks.

The Process is about putting all your energy into the next task in hand, the present day.

Setting smaller daily/weekly goals and making sure they are hit.

The move on and do the same again and so on.

Get good at this and success will be there waiting for you.