This isn’t another bullshit new year, new me resolution.

I do workout, I do eat well and I do have balance in my life with it all which suits me.

Do I need to create a challenge for myself? NO

Am I in terrible shape? NO

Do I feel shit about how I look? NO

Do I worry what others think? NO

What I want to do though is grow and change.

Push myself further in a slightly different way.

Increase my own self accountability.

Focus more on what really matters.

Be better!!

From first week in Jan I am setting goals and targets around the things that matter.

(starting 7th Jan as I will enjoy the new year and time away)

Physically I want to boost my strength and performance levels in the gym.

Tighten the diet up to support a body fat reduction and support the gym goals.

Increase my cardiovascular fitness.

All done in 50 days from the starting point.

We will then see where I end up physically.

Also mentally as simple changes can sometimes get on top of you.

I will fuck up at times, but know how to get back.

I will set a plan that I know and can execute.

That will stretch me.

That will be concurrent with my goal.

The goal is to look and feel better.

As I said at the start, I ain’t in a bad place.

But I know I can do more.

And if you know you can do more, then do more.

Good enough isn’t good enough if it can be better.

Better isn’t good enough if it can be best.

Through this self challenge I know one other thing will happen.

One thing that matters the most.

I will improve mentally.

By doing this I will achieve what is more important than anything.

Be a better father.

Be a better son, brother and uncle.

Be a better boyfriend.

Be a better friend.

Be a better PT and coach

Be a better entrepreneur.

I am in no way shit at any of the above.

But I know I can do do more

And I will do more.

As you go into 2019, ask yourself one question.

How are you living?

Oh and by the way, make sure you enjoy the Christmas period and not be to bothered about the “diet” or gym time. Time with family and friends are far more important than if you still have a 6 pack or not!!!