So It got me thinking!

Picking myself up of the solid, freezing cold ice.

Right arse cheek dead, right knee grazed.

Few days later and this annoying pain goes away.

You see, I did something I hadn’t done before.

Did something uncomfortable.

Ice skating Mate. And I fell on my arse brilliantly!!

And what a stupid and pointless thing this is ( but the kids love it )

Paying to go round in circles on something that if you fall on can cause a lot of pain. All while wearing horrible, uncomfortable boots with a metal blade attached to the sole.

Sometimes you just got to do what you got to do. And I will be back to make sure I don’t fall again.

Doing something uncomfortable makes you learn, it makes you grow.

Every morning I take a cold shower.

People may think that’s daft but the benefits are amazing.

Particularly the endorphins that are released and the mental strength it helps to develop.

Quick point here is that you should start to do something that makes you uncomfortable. Something that challenges you. Something that you know will improve you by overcoming the challenge and the uncomfortableness.

Maybe this is eventually joining that gym.

Enrolling in those classes.

Going that run.

Starting that diet.

Seeking help and dropping the ego.

Investing financially in your own health.

Developing a new mindset, developing new skills can take you beyond the comfort zone which is keeping you still.

Not always easy and that is why I am here.

Hit the LINK below and we can talk.

Get you moving in the right direction to change your health and your life.