My clients tell me that before they took the leap and contacted me, they were confused, overwhelmed and didn’t know where to go.

Therefore did nothing and remained exactly how they are. Feeling that change was needed but couldn’t quite do it. Frustrated and de-motivated.

Too much conflicting information, social media, lack of time, lack of confidence, poor past experience with a PT and no results.

All common themes.

One other theme was feeling apprehensive about investing in a coach. Spending money on something not knowing what the return will be.

Yet continually willing to spend money on things that continue to contribute to the current state and therefore compounding the problem. Poor Investment.

I am talking gym memberships that are never used, nights out/ takeaways etc ( which of course are necessary but maybe not every week as a matter of course )

Yet the investment in a coach is a guaranteed return if YOU are willing to put in the work and take on board the expert guidance and education. Good Investment.

Both investments will yield guaranteed results when you put the work in. It just depends what you invest in and what work you do.

You see trying to break habits of a lifetime is not easy and I know this first hand.

Once habits are engrained you go about your life oblivious to how what you do every day effects you and this compounds and shapes who you are.

To many this doesn’t matter as they are content and happy with who they are.

If you are feeling different and feel the need to get your shit together and look after your health better then it can be difficult but this is the great part.

Many will tell me they are unhappy and will be happy when they “lose 20lbs” for example.

I say you aren’t unhappy you are just bored and fed up with yourself.

The opposite of being unhappy is being bored!

You have the choice to start to change who you are, not what you are.

Form a new identity.

Instead of being the person that wants to be stronger

Become the person that goes to the gym.

Instead of being the person who wants to run a 10k.

Become the person who runs.

Instead of being the person who doesn’t understand their nutrition.

Become the person who learns about foods and tracks what they eat from time to time.

Instead of being the person who procrastinates.

Become the person who takes action, continually.

Instead of the person who doesn’t ask and seek help.

Become the person who reaches out and seeks support

Becoming is better than being.

Maybe it is time to take some action and reach out now.

There never will be a right time.

The stars aren’t going to align.

Just like no one is going to do it for you.

You are in control and that is a wonderful thing.

So use that power and hit the LINK below my friend.