I took Jamie on as an online coaching client 6 weeks ago.

He got in touch as some of the social content I produce resonated with him and he felt empowered to eventually take some action with his health.

Essentially Jamie has some health issues with high blood pressure and some family history of heart problems.

Being overweight, inactive and having a young family, it completely made sense to seek support in making some much needed change.

Here is some feedback from him after the first four weeks together.

My FearFit journey…so far

I contacted Scott not only to lose weight, get stronger and fitter but it was changing my mindset which I needed the most as without that, the weight loss, fitness and strength would be short-lived. I had no idea how to do it. The combination of my routine, eating better and moving more was totally alien to me. 

Scott’s expertise in nutrition, personal training and altering mindset was has been invaluable! I can text him anytime for advice, motivation and guidance. We check in once a day which is great to keep me focused. 

I’ve tried diets: Weight Watchers, Slimming World etc. Sure, my weight went down but I was starving myself and inevitably the weight piled back on because they didn’t address my mindset and involved zero training, so I wasn’t getting any fitter. 

Ditch the diets. Go FearFit! 4 weeks in, nearly a stone lost in weight and my mindset has truly changed and it’s down to Scott.

So far so good you could say and as I write this Jamie is hitting new PB’s in the gym and has lost a further 5 pounds.

Jamie has been amazing to work with and has been totally committed to the process we have in place for hitting his goals.

Through my exclusive training app Jamie has access to his 3 day per week weight training programme. This allows him to view his plan, record each session, track progress and comes with full video support of every exercise.

He can track his weight and other body measurements whilst uploading progress pictures along the way.

He has opted to use my fitnesspal to help track his calorie and protein intake as close as possible to what I have suggested he consumes.

We are in contact everyday via whatsapp and have a call every week to discuss goals and actions which in invaluable for accountability.

The key to the success here is by being held accountable to an agreed plan of action.

Done in a simple, educational and supportive way we are getting solid results and Jamie is not the only one. Many others are benefiting and changing their lives also.

So why not request a free consultation with me and see what can be achieved?!?!