I love dogs.

Great animals and would love one as a pet.

Is it the right time for one though?

Who knows and with anything the timing will never be quite spot on.

Watch this space….

Anyway, met a friend yesterday in the park.

Was out walking his dog on a lunch break.

Nice little spaniel type.

Well not so little. Bloody chubby actually.

Turns out the dog is overweight and needs to shed a few pounds.

Do you know what the vet suggested my friend did for the dog???

This is profound….

He suggested, feeding it less and more walks!!!!!!


What a simple and straightforward idea.

My friend is on it and little Ozzy is on the way to being a new man.

What Ozzy isn’t doing is this:

Looking for excuses

Quick fixes

Buying useless supplements that Z listers promote

Skinny tea

Skinny coffee


Herbalife ffs!!!

More excuses


Big boned

Insulin levels

Starvation mode

The list goes on and all BS

Why don’t we apply the same logic to ourselves as we would to our fat dogs?!?!

Make changes to our diets

Build improved habits congruent with who you are becoming

Move more and stop being lazy


REPEAT !!!!!

We are very good at overcomplicating things and I get that.

There are so manyu options out there available to us immediately

Which then can lead to confusion.

And ultimately inaction.

Well change that today and take a simple action

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